Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 238

Went out to the cemetery where my mom is buried. Hadn't been out for awhile. The headstone is really getting weather worn. I was wondering if I should check into having it replaced. I was throwing the idea around to one of my friends. I asked her opinion. She said that is why I'm being cremated and spread the ashes so no one needs to worry about it. Good point. In another 40-50 years will it really matter? I feel kinda like I should but I'm sure my mother wouldn't want me to. What's your opinion on this.


  1. Maybe there is a way they can restore it without having to replace it? Kind of like a wedding ring.. do you really want to replace the original stone?

  2. I will agree with the other, im being cremated, so no one has to deal with this either. Sorry wish I could help you out. :(