Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 218

So our outside fan fell. Took the bent bracket back to Fanco where we purchased and they installed. BTW they did our whole house. The guy at Fanco said the installer should have wrapped wire on the inside to prevent it from falling out. He also told us we were lucky it lasted nine years. OK... So they didn't back the warranty and help at all. So John is going to cap the wires and forget it. Never turned it on anyway. Won't ever buy a fan from Fanco again.


  1. luckily no one was sitting out there when it happened.

  2. 9 years and they wouldn't honor the warranty. lol. I agree with Bridget, lucky now on was under it.

  3. Glad no one was hurt in the fall. Wow! That stinks they didn't honor a warranty when they installed it incorrectly!