Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 296

John and I drove down to the Ontario Expo for the day. I waited to the last minute to decide if I was going and he said he didn't mind. While at the Expo I called my friend Leticia (who lives in Fontana) to see if she had gone. She said she went Friday but her and her husband came down to walk around with me again. After we left we went to Wootens then to dinner and then her house to look at all her projects. I love doing show and tell with scrapbooking. This picture was actually taken at Wooten's. I was looking for a TH product and couldn't find it at the Expo and Wooten's had it. Yeah........


  1. Glad that Leticia and her hubby came down. I love show and tell too.

  2. Hi Leticia. miss you. Wish I could have gone down with you. There's one coming to Riverside. We should go.

  3. Fun to meet up with friends and check things out. Looks like a good day.