Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 280

Bridget took me to the movies to see "Social Network" for my BD. I really liked it and amazed how young and rich this kid is that started Facebook. She made this album for me and I can't say enough about how much I love it. This style is totally me. Thanks Bridget I treasure stuff that is made for me. If you want to see the whole album stop by my scrapping blog. Sorry about the pic of us. We had the movie attendant take the pics and they didn't turn out to good. He tried.


  1. I have been waiting so patiently for you to post so I could say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"... I hope you had a very very special day my friend. What a sweetheart Bridget is. AND I love that album she made you. (I am still wanting to try to make that purse album)... hugs

  2. Well Im glad I could make you something that was almost as cool as what you make. ;) I LOVED that movie :)

  3. I love the album. I saw it on FB... it's sooo nice. I want to see that movie, thanks for the review. Glad you and Bridget were able to spend the afternoon together.