Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 267

First class of the day for I.U. 2010 with Teresa Collins. We made the Gratitude album. I didn't finish but I never do at these classes. This is our table of girls. (Michelle, Brenda, Bridget and Me) We were called the Glitz Girls. The classes are divided into 3 groups. (The Dazzling Divas, Glitz Girls, Bling Babes) I would say about 250 ladies total at the event.


  1. 250 ladies wow. I can't wait to see your album when you finish. Looks like you and Bridget had a great time.

  2. guess what I did yesterday? I layed out all my stuff to work on it this week. Yep I plan on finishing up all the stuff I didn't get done.