Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 256

Saw this recipe in this magazine and looked good. (they always do) I needed a 9x3" round pan. Standard is 9x2½" so I bought the standard since I couldn't find the other one. It had a lot of steps to prepare. It didn't run over the pan but was real close. It didn't cook in the amount of time it said so it spent a lot more time in the oven. Then it had to cool which after 1 hours I gave up and followed the rest of the recipe. I had to submerge it in a simmering pan for 8 minutes to loosen the carmel to get the cake out of the pan. Well when I submerged the pan into the water the water spilled over into the cake. At this point I was ready to throw it in the trash. John took some to work and was going to share with the guys. I said please no until you try it. How embarrassing to share soggy This is probably why I don't really like to cook. I'd rather be doing something else.


  1. So what is that monkey bread or something else? I only bake at Christmas time.

  2. I with Bridget, I only bake at Christmas.. You didn't tell us what John thought about it.????

  3. Looks yummy... I"m curious too... what is it? I used to love to bake.. now I devote my free time to... SCRAPPING! :)