Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 177

This looks like it should be a happy picture of candy. I was officially told last week that I have acid reflux but with more testing it is probably Larnygopharyngeal reflux. Have been having issues for several months (almost a year) and getting worse and finally my ENT made it official. I'm having more test to determine what can be done. I have started a very strict diet which means no chocolate, caffeine, spicy food and just about everything else. Which is all the stuff that I eat all the time. But if the diet makes me feel better it will be worth it. Plus I need to loose some pounds anyway. So the jelly beans are about the only candy I can have. Not my favorite but I'll take it.


  1. I don't know what Larnygohparyngeal reflux is. But I am glad it's curable. How hard it is going to be to give up all bad stuff that we all love to eat. :-(

  2. YUCK, I hate jelly beans. Sorry you have to give up all the good stuff. Guess that means no more chili's chips and salsa or taco bell, just to name a few :(

  3. Wow.... what a mouthful! I love, love, love jellybeans.. especially red ones, unfortunately everyone else in my family loves the red ones too! LOL Glad they figured out what's going on and hope you can find some substitutes to take place of your favorites.