Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 152

Went to Popeye's to have dinner. It just happened that Daniel was able to take his break. Usually they are too busy for him to take it then. Them Tuesday specials.

Couldn't go without an update on my twin Dove's. They are so big I'm surprised they don't fall out of the nest. One of the babies is in front of mom. They will probably be flying away soon. :(


  1. I am glad Daniel was able to take his break with you. Very nice looking young man.

    It has been fun watching the twins..

  2. I have to remember Tues is 99. night. Glad Dan was able to take his break and hang with you a bit.

  3. How nice he could take a break with you. I've never had Popeye's chicken. Will have to try that. Love the dove pictures. So neat that you're able to get that close.

    BTW... got your Flat me.... ADORABLE! :)

  4. Isn't he great to see your child doing something responsible! Nice that he could have his break with you!

    The doves are awesome! Nature is an amazing thing to watch!