Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 133

My home phone went to a fast busy since yesterday. I had Cox Comm out this am to check the line. After they tested everything it all pointed to the TIVO. So next call "TIVO". I was on the phone to them several times one lasting about 45 minutes while they had me unplug, plug and replug, power off, power on things to verify the problem. They told me to unplug the telephone jacks to Tivo and call back in about ½ hr. which I did but the guy that helped me never made a notation on the repair ticket so they didn't know who he was or had done. Well patients running thin on my end... Since they only give you first names they didn't know who I talked to....ughhhh....Bottom line they are sending me a new TIVO box which they should since buying the HD box I have had nothing but problems. My old TIVO I had for 6 years and never had any problems. I could give up a lot of electronic things but please don't take my TIVO.


  1. oh no what are you going to do with out TIVO? Hopefully they get it out to you soon. Do you lose the shows you have saved? I hope not.

  2. Oh life is so brutal sometimes... not the TIVO.

  3. Hope you get it fixed soon..