Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50

My son's band played downtown tonight at a street (block) venue. The buildings around are antique and vintage stores. The stage was pretty neat. Reminded me of the 60's. Several bands played. The boys in the band left to right.....My son Daniel (guitar), Diesel (bass) with his back to the camera, Al (guitar and singing) and Dom (drums) which is Bridget's son.


  1. That's great that Daniel and Dominic are in the same band! The stage does look really cool.

  2. What a great picture. Looks like it was a great time and a fun stage.

  3. HI Carol, that area sounds so nice! I know you and Bridget are great friends, but I didn't know you boys were too. How nice! I hope you can stop by and see me sometime on my blog!!! Barb