Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

Today I went to the photography studio that took Daniel's HS graduation pictures to order some. His yearbook has two pictures one in a tux and the other with him posing with his guitar since that was his major. Can't believe he is about to graduate.


  1. Love your picture of the day! I am such a picture person and I can't wait to get Kendall's pictures taken all the time!

  2. Well I hope we get to see the pictures... and I wanted to tell you I saw on someone's blog where you were telling about you left a purse for your dog, that is so cute.

    And I am out of stories to tell..:-( but I am long winded so maybe I will think of something. lol

  3. Your son had a major in HS? They didn't have those when I went to HS. Maybe that means I am OLD! ;P